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Surfing Samsara    



Interesting Places to Surf

Access to Insight - vast collection of readings

Buddhist Astrology - Jhampa Shaneman's web site which includes monthly advice for all signs.

Sitavana - Birken Forest Monastery
- over 3000 talks available for download. Talks by the Abbot of Birken, Ajahn Sona, are also available on his YouTube channel.

Dharma Punx - Web site of Noah Levine with MP3s of his teachings. 'Meditate and Destroy', a documentary about Levine, is available at Pic a Flic.

Dharma Seed offers western Vipassana teachings

Dalai Lama on Twitter

D.I.Y. Dharma - the online home of a peer-led sangha based in Vancouver. Many useful links and podcasts.

Fake Buddha Quotes

Lotsawa House - Tibetan Translations and original music

Satipanya - web site of the retreat centre headed by the English Vipassana teacher Bhante Bodhidamma with audio files of his teachings and chants

Tibetan Cultural Society of Vancouver Island

The Worst Horse - Buddhism, pop-culture and Home of the Dharma Burger

Global Affiliates of Local Groups

His Holiness the Sakya Trizin - India

International Buddhist Academy, Nepal

London Buddhist Vihara - an excellent place for a 'sit' if you're visiting London.

Plum Village, France

Shasta Abbey, California