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This site was developed as part of coursework for the University of Victoria's Certificate in Computer Based Information Systems. After 30 years in media including print journalism, film and t.v. I decided to go back to school and indulge my inner geek.

For the last 16 years I've been lurching toward enlightenment as a student and practitioner of what the Buddha taught, hopefully not losing a sense of humour on the way. During my travels, I've had the privilege of sitting with Theravadan, Tibetan and Zen sanghas. Each tradition has provided a fresh way of looking at the Dharma and putting it into practice. This has made me a firm believer in the value of information exchange between practitioners of different traditions. The site is dedicated to promoting that exchange. May it benefit all visitors.

Happy surfing and a big Om Mani to you all!

Pauline K.
Victoria, BC

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